The (trauma) Box
Author: ruth       Oct 13th, 2023

During a recent session with a client, we delved into her vacation experience, which had been marked by a clash of realities with a family member. This encounter was deeply unsettling for her because her childhood had been significantly impacted by trauma. Over the years, we’ve worked together to help her process and heal and find her secure footing in adulthood. When her family member challenged her perspective and the progress she’d made on her healing journey, it left her feeling confused and upset. We explored the reawakening of her trauma and I encouraged her to visualize the painstaking work we had done packing away pieces of her reality into a special box she carries with her throughout life. While […]

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Great article on the elusive state of happiness
Author: ruth       Sep 22nd, 2023

Click here to read Three Myths and Four Truths About How to Get Happier, Atlantic magazine

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The Intersection of Mindfulness and Choice
Author: ruth       May 24th, 2023

The theme of the week seems to be the intersection of mindfulness and choice, especially when one is in conflict or having a difficult conversation with another person. Let’s start at the beginning and explore both concepts. Mindfulness is awareness in the present moment without judgement. The beautiful thing about mindfulness is its simplicity … try it. Try just being present in your moment and – this detail is important — let all judgement fade away. Listen to the sounds around you, feel the clothes on your body, notice your emotions, connect with your breath, notice body pain and/or tension, let your “to do” list go by the wayside … just for a moment. Hopefully you were able to notice […]

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Embracing Rejection
Author: ruth       Apr 25th, 2023

A client of mine recently told me she had been rejected for an internship she applied to. I waited a moment and then congratulated her. The client knew exactly what I meant by this. We had been working on fear of rejection for a while. In the past her fear had immobilized her to the point she was afraid to try new things and had become very insular. We worked on what this fear meant for her, where it might have come from, and why the thought of it was so painful for her. As I congratulated her, we were able to explore the idea that the only people who have the opportunity to be rejected are the ones who […]

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The Yoga Sutras Reminds Us About the Power of Optimism
Author: ruth       Jan 26th, 2021

The Yoga Sutras* offers us so much in the form of wisdom and insight. It’s absolutely mind blowing to me that they were written so many years ago, yet they are still solid, relevant, and a wonderful resource if you are feeling at odds with the world or yourself. Sutra number 1:20 is magnificent! It explains that by having faith in one’s own resilience, we have the ability to get back up and start again when we get knocked down. It is seen as a cyclical process of our own energy supporting us in moving forward on a unique and individual path of life. Each piece of the sutra speaks deeply and there are many layers to interpreting the information. […]

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Creating Connection While Sheltering-in-Place
Author: ruth       Sep 28th, 2020

Join this 8-week support group focused on processing difficult emotions that have surfaced while sheltering-in-place so that you feel more uplifted, connected, and hopeful. TIMING: This intentional and focused 8 week group, beginning Tuesday, October 20th, will meet weekly on Tuesdays from 12pm to 1:30pm via Zoom ….. INVESTMENT: $750 for 8 weekly 90-minute sessions ….. PROCESS: Each member will have a 15-minute meeting with me to ensure the group will be appropriate for your needs. Each participant will complete a questionnaire and confidentiality agreement and will commit to attending at least 6 of the groups ….. YOU will benefit from the support and feedback of the group.  YOU will be encouraged to take risks expressing your feelings.  YOU will […]

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Survey Results: How We Are Coping with Covid-19 & SIP
Author: ruth       Jul 15th, 2020

Click here to access the PDF about our survey results on how people are responding to the effects of Covid-19 and sheltering in place.

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5 Tips on Reducing Your Anxiety as We Shelter in Place
Author: ruth       Apr 27th, 2020

1) avoid info overload & practice social media self discipline 2) name your fears & prepare 3) think outside of yourself… help someone else 4) seek support wisely 5) create routine & be active.  I would add one more … HUMOR! It’s so important to find a way to laugh … so tell those corny jokes, watch comedy, and try to see the lighter side when possible. Here’s the CNN article discussing these tips

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TOP 5 Tips for Staying Focused During Shelter in Place
Author: ruth       Apr 18th, 2020

Schedules, routines & priorities have been turned upside down and people are complaining they are unfocused and distracted. 1. NOTICE … Notice when you are becoming distracted and aimless.And importantly, notice without judgement. By noticing when we feel distracted we are more than1/2-way towards finding a focus. Noticing (otherwise known as mindfulness) is a wonderful tool to bring us back to the present and to a higher level of consciousness.  2. SCHEDULE …. Just because we are sheltering in place doesn’t mean you should drop your schedule. Think about: setting regular times to wake up/go to sleep each day; make sure you brush your teeth, get dressed, and fix your hair; eat at regular intervals; and try to incorporate other people […]

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Resources for Shelter in Place
Author: ruth       Mar 27th, 2020

Shelter-in-Place Resources guide that Includes links to AA meetings, virtual museum tours, yoga classes etc.

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