Change is Possible
Author: ruth       Sep 1st, 2015 ……

I love this article about the plasticity of our brains. It explains that once we choose to use our brains in new ways, we can often do so.

As a therapist, I work with clients to help them understand their innate power especially around change. It is exciting to see clients begin to make shifts in their behavior and thought patterns. Often when they do so it’s like a gentle avalanche – more and more change begins to happen because their brains are now oriented around this new way of thinking and being.

The tricky part with making any kind of change is arriving at the place where it is deemed possible. This can be the hardest part of transformation. Before one arrives the feeling can look like depression, anxiety, and/or a general feeling of “stuckness”. I’d like to encourage anyone who feels this way to have faith that change is possible once the choice to do so is made. This is often when a therapist, good friend, or mentor can be helpful in guiding one through he initial process and sometimes acting as a cheerleader when new behaviors and thoughts are integrated into daily life.

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