Fall: Use ayurvedic tools to flourish in drier, cooler weather
Author: ruth       Sep 28th, 2017

This is from an email I received today about ayurveda and yoga. I altered it to highlight how ayurvedic tools can help us mentally and physically through the change of seasons from summer to fall. Enjoy!
Fall is a great time for exploring new ideas, patterns and making commitments to yourself! The weather is not too hot or too cold, and the air is crisp and full of energy. Here are some ways to help take advantage of that:
• Oil your nose, a practice also known as nasya, to keep those mucus membranes healthy while breathing drier air. Put one drop of oil in each nostril and massage it around from the outside while inhaling gently. There are specially made nasya oil blends, or you can use a dropper with your favorite food grade, organic sesame or sunflower oil. Do not share a nose dropper, or use the same bottle in the kitchen and the bathroom.
• Pay attention to your energy level. During the fall and winter there’s a lot of energy available in the air, but it can be hard to hang onto since it can be a busy time. Take note of how you’re feeling, and pace yourself accordingly. Your activities both mental (work, self-care such as psychotherapy or personal growth, and activities that require new ways of thinking such as an intensive project or job change) and physical (such as exercise or social activities) should be nourishing. Notice if you are feeling enlivened or depleted at the end of the day and then adjusting your energy output accordingly.
• Massage your body with oil, a practice called abhyanga, to nourish your skin and take a load off your liver. Lotions contain all sorts of ingredients, and anything that goes directly on your skin has to be processed by your liver without the benefit of passing through the digestive tract to break it down first. Switch to a food grade, organic oil. Sesame, corn, mustard, or sunflower oil are all good choices for fall and winter. Choosing an oil is personal, and what feels great to one, another might not like. Use enough oil to oleate your skin, but not so much that you look shiny or feel slippery. All the oil should be absorbed. Spend at least 5 minutes massaging yourself, using long strokes on your long bones, circular strokes on joints, and moving toward your heart on your torso. You’ll feel calmer, have a better relationship with your body, and may notice an improvement in your overall well-being! 

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