Making a Game Plan for Your Fertility
Author: ruth       Apr 13th, 2015

After Apple and Facebook announced they would pay for freezing the eggs of their female employees there was an uproar on both sides of the issue. As a therapist, I didn’t take sides, but rather became concerned about what the young, and maybe not-so-young, employees were going through. Suddenly something they may have quietly pondered was put on center stage with a huge spotlight on it. I could only imagine the conversations, the pressure, and the stress involved in figuring out if this made sense for them as individuals. So I Googled “stress related to egg freezing” and found hundreds of articles. And that’s exactly when I became confused. There are so many opinions and so many facets to the issue.

So, Liz Stinton (Life Coach, Engineer, confidant, and friend) and I decided to do something about it. We wrestled with the research, our own experiences, and our knowledge as life coach (Liz) and therapist (me) and came up with a process to support women in figuring out their game plan around their fertility.

This process took the form of a workshop – Getting a Game Plan for Your Fertility — that we are holding in San Francisco for anyone interested in exploring their options around fertility. The goal is for participants walk away with clarity about what will make sense for them. And if they don’t have clarity yet, they will be welcomed into a growing, supportive community we are fostering around fertility, single motherhood, and all the options faced along the way.

Here’s an overview of the workshop:
WHEN? Saturday, May 2nd, 2015, 1 – 4pm
WHERE? 2259 Clay Street, San Francisco, 94115
WHAT? As a result of this workshop you will:
• Understand your fertility and parenting-related options.
• Feel supported in discovering what’s right for you.
• Gain clarity and develop a game plan around your fertility.
• Be part of a community of incredible women doing incredible things.
COST: $30

Click on the link below for workshop details

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