Resources for Shelter in Place
Author: ruth       Mar 27th, 2020

Shelter in Place Resources: Including links to AA meetings, virtual museum tours, yoga classes etc.

AA/AL ANON Meetings/Resources

Al ANON Meetings via Zoom

You can have your camera off, change your screen name, have complete anonymity and just listen in to check it out.

AA Meetings via Zoom

Ongoing Online AA meetings that were already online before CoVid:


SLAA (Sex & Love Anonymous)

OA (Overeaters Anonymous)

The Buzz is the newsletter that will keep you up to date with what is happening in AA in both SF & Marin. They are covering the virtual shift in meetings and making announcements.

Youtube’s infinite resource of AA speakers

Al Anon Speakers

Recovery Dharma Online Meetings

Guided meditation in Buddhist fashion (“May you be free of suffering…etc./dedication of merit). You can show up as anonymously as you like, with no video and no name. Free. Many daily meetings.

Meditation Resources

At-home meditation with San Francisco Dharma Collective:

Tara Brach Meditation

Some favorite podcasts

  1. This Jungian Life- Deborah Stewart, Lisa Marchiano, Joseph Lee
  2. On the Power of Unplugging- Tiffany Shlain
  3. On Creativity, Empathy & Resiliency- Mari Andrew
  4. That Escalated Quickly- comedy by Franchesca Ramsey
  5. Change your Story, Change your Life- Erica Williams Simon
  6. On Being Wise- Krista Tippet

Virtual Yoga day free trial


Breathing Exercises

Virtual Concerts

Virtual Dance

Virtual Field Trips

Museum Tours

Stroll the Uffizi Gallery from your armchair! Also at the bottom of this link, the Metropolitan Opera is offering opera performance streaming.

Other Museum Tours

Virtual tour of the Boston Children’s Museum

Tour the Louvre

Monterey Bay Aquarium feeds (jelly cam is the coolest, with “spa” music!)

Visit a Place on Earth You’ve Never Been:

Globe genie:

360 cities

Air pano

Live stream nature… such as the Northern Lights:

Free Adult Education

Yale: The Science of Well Being

Itunes U

Some Writing/Creative Ideas:

Write a letter to your future self

Write your story, start your autobiography

Collage, draw, paint, practice an instrument Express yourself and your internal landscape.

Parenting Programs

Kids Schooling/ Academic Games

Most of this content was developed by Dr. Tonya Dowding, PsyD, Registered Psychological Assistant, Adjunct Faculty, California Institute of Integral Studies

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