Author: ruth       Jan 12th, 2015

Many of my clients complain of lack of sleep or the inability to get to sleep. This often exacerbates any depression or anxiety issues. I have offered suggestions in the form of meeting with your doctor to see if there is any medial reason where sleep could be impacted. The other important reason to seek a doctor is if you are taking any medication. Sometimes cocktails of medicines can create sleeplessness. If the doctor’s visit doesn’t shed light on the sleep problem, then it’s important to do an inventory of food and beverage consumption (especially alcohol and caffeine) as well as the times of day, keep a sleep log too, it may be that you are not accounting for an afternoon nap or a long dozes in the mornings. The other issues we address are using screens before bed … are you on the computer or watching TV. If so, these activities can excite the brain, making it feel like it wants to be awake. While these are all things to either cut down on or alter accordingly, I do have a solution that is relaxing as well as nourishing. Doing meditation or light yoga. I find I always go to bed with a more relaxed mindset. My body also feels stretched and ready to become still. When doing either of these activites try to create a bit of a sanctuary. Maybe light a candle or put on light music you enjoy. If you find this becomes a larger part of your life consider designating a special place in your home for relaxation and rejuevenating yourself. A couple videos I enjoy can be fund on Youtube. They are taught by two difference and very inspired yoga teachers …

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