Learn to manage your anxiety and learn ways to overcome chronic worry, social anxiety, restlessness and lack of sleep, body image concerns, and obsessive/compulsive thoughts. Explore past trauma and its impact on your life now. Work through your trauma to free yourself from the excess worry or negative thoughts/behaviors associated with it.


Understand the root cause of your moods and learn to cope with feelings of emptiness, loneliness, hopelessness, and lethargy. I support you in creating and acknowledging your positive feedback loop which can bring relief. Sometimes this also involves collaborating with a psychiatrist for medication management.


Address relationship issues impacting intimacy/couples, friendships, co-workers, family dynamics, and difficulty in connecting well with others. Gain tools on how to find new relationships (including romantic) and improve communication so you are really heard.


Become clear on who you are and how you want to be in the world — whether it be related to career changes, major life events, mid-life transitions, or sexual identity. Improve your performance by focusing on the ‘here and now’. As your coach, I will help facilitate your success/goals.


Explore the connection between your mood and health. Develop strategies to support the mind/body connection through meditation, movement, yoga, food/nutrition, feng shui or literature. As needed I refer to other well-being providers to support this process.


Support couples and individuals through divorce, parenting, fertility, adoption, learning issues, and school problems. Assisting you in delving into these complex issues to begin both individual and systemic healing.

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